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I do what I feel is the obligatory blogger’s resolutions post every first of January. We all make lists of things we hope to accomplish or things we’d like to do in the upcoming year. Often, resolutions are lofty-as-fuck goals that we dream of achieving, but in reality we don’t take the steps necessary to make them happen. I’m notorious for doing this, namely the resolution that deals with losing weight (for good this time!). We’ll get to that further down in the post.

Instead of declaring that 2013 is the YEAR OF LAUREN and making huge, broad declarations to get myself into shape, stay on top of household crap, etc., etc., I am going to make a list. A to-do list. These are tasks to be completed this year. Let’s rock it out, shall we?

1. Get my family to the dentist. I hope to knock this one out in January and get it over with since I HATE the dentist. Avery has never been, and Jacob hasn’t been since we started dating. I can’t force him to go but it looks like I might have to–homeboy doesn’t take care of his teeth like he should. We don’t have a family dentist but there is one right up the road from us and they are open til 7pm which would be convenient f or Jacob if he has to go on a work night.

2. Complete C25k training program (Couch to 5k) and participate in the Big D Texas Marathon 5k race on Sunday, April 14, 2013. I have access to treadmills at the gym at the end of my block, and adjacent to the workout room is a kids’ room where Avery can play while I exercise (there is a large window looking into the kids’ room so I can see her the entire time). Henry can sleep in his carseat in the stroller next to me. If the kids are being uncooperative during the day, I will wait until Jacob gets home and I’ll go after dinner. We have decided that we cannot afford a gym membership at this time so going to a gym that offers child care on-site isn’t feasible right now. That would be ideal, of course, but the only gym that will watch babies under six months old is the YMCA and their monthly family fee is $67. That may not seem like a lot, and if we were both working, it wouldn’t be a problem. One household income = no gym membership.

3. Complete 5k-to-10k training program and participate in the Hottest Half & 10k (doing the 10k, obviously) on August 18, 2013. I know, I know. A race in AUGUST IN TEXAS? Two years ago I did a 5k in the middle of July and I hadn’t run in over a month; it wasn’t bad–just a little warm.

(I realize that #2 and #3 are kind of similar but my goal isn’t “to start running again and do a few races.” It has to be something I can check off so it has to be specific. Which brings me to…)

4. Train for and run a half marathon by the end of the year. I am hoping that the New Years Double will take place again this year but their site only has information for the races that just happened. As the year goes on and more races are added to the calendar (I look at Run On’s calendar since it seems pretty complete) I will decide which one to do.

Enough of the running goals… Moving on!

5. Eliminate processed foods from my family’s diet as well as cut out gluten as much as possible. Let’s face it- sometimes my kid just wants a PB&J sandwich and who am I to deny her that? We will no longer eat fast food or drink soda (Jacob hasn’t cut out soda but this isn’t his list, now is it?). I will no longer bake or cook with any white foods (sugar, rice, flour). I plan on continuing to buy Ezekiel bread for my family since it’s delicious and has megatons of fiber. It’s the only bread I feel okay about. Also, I am cutting out dairy EXCEPT for Greek yogurt. Does this mean that I won’t have pizza every now and again? Negatron. I love pizza and the goal is to set up and maintain a healthy lifestyle and that cannot be achieved if the foods I love are completely off-limits. This isn’t exactly a task-driven goal, but it kind of is. I got rid of the junk in our house because if it’s here, we’ll eat it. Just like always, I typed up and posted our menu for the week on the refrigerator door so there is no guessing when it comes to preparing meals. I stocked the fridge with plenty of fruits and vegetables that I know my family likes. Also, when we leave the house, especially around a meal time, I need to make sure I pack snacks for Avery and myself. This will keep us out of the drive-thru. I have portioned-out bags of almonds which are easy to grab on our way out. We also have Clif Bars (which I know have some sugar but YUM!) that I keep in the bag. It’s all about being prepared.

6. Spend more quality time with Avery. I want to make sure that I devote at least one hour per day (probably two-30 minute blocks) to her preschool lessons. We have a workbook that we’re using and as long as she feels like I’m engaged in the activity, then she will remain engaged. I have to focus on her and make sure she knows that I’m always here for her and that I enjoy spending time with her. She took the ‘terrible threes’ to heart and made sure that they were, in fact, horrible, and this makes quality time a bit tricky. Some days, I count down the minutes until Jacob gets home so he entertain her. Or, I’ll take her to my mom’s so I can get a break. I don’t feel too bad about either of those scenarios, but I wish I handled things with Avery a little better. I am working on it. She needs more attention, plain and simple. (And in case you’re wondering, I’m writing this post while she’s sleeping so don’t think I’m ignoring her while I’m on the computer).

7. Have a more structured routine during the week. There are tons of weekly schedules on the interwebs so I just need to find one or a mashup of a few of them and make it happen. Our days need more structure. I know that we just had a baby and then were hit with the holidays so it’s hard to be on a routine when things are that unpredictable. However, the holidays are over and Henry is no longer a newborn (weeps). No more excuses. When I get a routine created (or I find one), I’ll be sure to share it.

Just like last year, I will check in on a monthly basis to see how I am doing with my goals and to help me stay on track. Let’s have a great year!

  2 Responses to “Hell Yeah, 2013: My Official New Year’s Resolutions Post.”

  1. We have many similar goals/resolutions. I loved using C25K when I returned to running after my last kid. And there are lots of great races in the area in the fall for distance. I ran the Dallas Half in December and it was great–nice and mostly flat! I got lucky with weather too, not cold or wet.

    I think you are absolutely right about not completing cutting out your favorite foods. It is much easier to say no most of the time if you know you can have it once in a while.

    I am also planning to be more intentional in how I spend time with all of my kids, but especially the little ones still at home during the day. I can do so much better.

    Looking forward to your progress!

  2. I can relate to #6 for sure and have a similar goal for myself! Sounds like you will be running a lot!! Haha

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